Virtual competitions platform
for science fairs

Bring your fair online this year with FairKit. We seamlessly bring together judges and competitors in a familiar and easy-to-use video-conferencing platform.

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Bring your fair online

Our suite of event administration tools will help your fair run as smooth as possible in these circumstances.

  • Reliable Video-Conferencing Network

    Our platform uses modern video-conferencing technology to deliver smooth judging experiences across all participant cohorts. Participants can share their screens or even upload their presentation to our live-judging platform.

  • Event administration

    Setting up your event, assigning participants to judging groups, and working with judges to receive feedback forms and rubrics is a breeze with our administration tools.

  • Mobile and email notifications

    Send general event notifications, targeted updates, and even release event results through our distributed messaging platform with emails, SMS texts, and push notifications.

  • Live streaming

    Through our "virtual stage" functionality, organizers can provide updates, thank sponsors, and address all participants of the event in a fluid streaming experience.


Most events are eligible to use our platform at no charge, please contact us to see if you qualify!

All events

All events include our full suite of fair organizer tools to make running your virtual event easy.

What's included

  • Unlimited judges

  • Ability to send emails, texts, and push notifications

  • Built in administration and scheduling platform

  • Unlimited event recording, live streaming, and presentation storage

Contact us

for an event-specific quote

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